Monday, June 14, 2010

Lists - June

Laurie, over at Not Just About Cancer, has been using monthly lists in order to keep track of her goals for the year.  I joined her, although I must say that while she's following her monthly, I seem to only be going bi-monthly.  The last time I did it, it was in April!  At any rate, here's my list for April along with a status report (blue represents completed, green is no progress, and red is partial completion):

1. Complete two more interviews with Yup'ik elders or community members, with report written by June 1.  COMPLETED - have completed interviews; no report written yet.  However, that wasn't really my fault - the person who hired me was supposed to get back to me about how to approach it and she only just wrote today.  Report should be done by August 15.

2. Cancer blog analysis, with report written by June 30.  No progress yet.

3. Indigenous GIS proposal submitted (#3 from February's list).  COMPLETED and submitted to NSF!!

4. Conference proposal for International Conference on Indigenous Place Names (#5 above).  No progress yet.

5. Apply for a one-week writing retreat on Mt. St. Helens - Due May 1.  COMPLETED.  But I found out that I was not selected as a writer.  But that's okay.  I would've had to camp out on the hard ground.

6. Continue practicing qigong 4-5 times/week; meditate at least 2 times/week. Integrate stretching and strengthening exercises for my arms and shoulders for lymphedema every day.  This one has been up and down.  I haven't meditated much at all and  my qigong practice has decreased because of this travel to Seattle.  I have been keeping up with the exercises for my arms and shoulders - what helps is that I see my physical therapist weekly and I feel some accountability.

7. Try to phase out more sugars and simple carbs from diet; increase the Omega-3s/anti-inflammatory foods.  No progress, really.  I can blame the travel and living with my family, but in the end, I need to take responsibility.  I do try to eat veggies every day and I seem to be successful with that.

8. Shred old documents and file receipts and bill statements.  COMPLETED

9. Finish Riding the Waves mosaic. COMPLETED

10. Begin beadwork project for "Beading for a Cause".  No progress yet.

Five completed.
Four no progress.
One partial. 

Hmm.  I need to get better about referring to this list!  Okay, here's my list for June.

June's List
1.  Refer to June's List in order to keep on track and go from bimonthly to monthly.

2.  Continue changing diet and get back into regular habit of qigong/meditation; continue arm/shoulder exercises. 

3. Call program officer at NSF to see if I would still be able to submit proposal for student travel to Norway's conference.  If so, work on proposal and submit it.

4.  Analysis of Yup'ik interviews.

5.  Cancer blogger analysis and write-up.

6.  Create a mandala for Heather, who named my Herminator-2 cells.

7.  Create mosaics for Theresa (my cousin), Jovonna (another King Islander), and Kim (a friend from high school.  These mosaics are the result of a Facebook game? meme? in which you promised to create a piece of art for the first five people who responded to your post.  I had four responses - but I can't remember the fourth!  : )  I bought some shadow boxes for this purpose that are 12 inch x 12 inch.  Smaller in scale than my first two.  So, this shouldn't take too long.

8.  Make travel plans for Alaska in late July/early August and Norway in September.

9.  Reorganize work office space and start organizing King Island data.

10.  Continue work on Eddie's Wipe-out Kid's Version obstacle course in the backyard for his birthday on July 24.

Okay, let's see how I do!  : )

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