Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday's hike, then meditation, then laziness

Yesterday, I got up fairly early for the week-end (6:45am) and went on a hike in McDonald Forest with a friend, then went to the Zen Buddhist meditation service with a colleague, ate a quick lunch downtown, then by the time I got home, I was sleepy and lazy! I finally got up the gumption to go to the grocery store by mid-afternoon. Got all my groceries except bread and butter and came back home and was lazy again.

I'm not sure what to think of the Zen Buddhist service. I find it hard to meditate - you are supposed to watch your thoughts go by and not follow them, but I found myself following them. They say it takes practice. I may go again . . .

Today, I need to write a recommendation letter, work on a supplemental, email folks about interviews, pay property taxes (ouch!), then pick up Eddie and a classmate. I'm supposed to play v-ball tonight . .. but if there are enough players, I may not play. My right wrist is bothering me (probably from keyboarding) and I think my pectoral muscle is still healing from two weeks ago, although it feels a lot better.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Dee, some people do better with active (movement) meditation. I find it difficult to just sit and meditate. Sometimes a guided meditation helps (ie; DVD or whatever). Sometimes with a person (such as a counselor) works. That worked for me.

Carver said...

Sounds like a good Sunday Dee. I hope you can skip volleyball and give yourself time to heal.

Dee said...

Hi Dad,
Yep, I might need the more active meditation . . . or a guided one. I'll keep practicing until I find one that works for me.

Hi Carver, unfortunately, it looks like I will have to go to v-ball. We won't have enough players show up! Darn. Anyway, hope you're having a great day!