Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love Craigslist - Accomplished House Stuff

I posted an ad on Craigslist yesterday - for a karaoke machine I bought last summer for Eddie's birthday and someone picked it up this evening already! Got to love Craigslist when it works that quickly!

Mom and dad came over and helped me with house stuff. I'd started cleaning and reorganizing my storage closet and mom helped sort through stuff while I swept shrubbery needles off my driveway and dad blew/raked leaves off the front lawn. Then, dad helped me to get Christmas decorations out of the attic in the garage. Eddie helped us with the leaves, too, and his reward was a little leaf fight/bury him in the leaf pile. Then, I took a bunch of things to Goodwill.

Eddie had several wii games he was no longer playing, so we turned them in for store credit - he got a wii points card to get some wii console games and another wii wheel. Not too shabby!

So, yep, it was a good, productive day.

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