Monday, November 30, 2009

A Decent Monday

I had a zometa treatment today and should find out my tumor markers in the next couple of days.

I then saw my acupuncturist - I always feel better afterwards - part of my treatment today had to do with the issue that I wrote about last week and for which I couldn't be too open. Continuing to grow and learn there.

Then had lunch with a new friend and colleague from Zoology - we were brainstorming a one-credit class that we could teach in the spring. It's always fun to talk about the world of ideas - and in this case, we are thinking of doing a class around marine ecology and looking for ways that western science and indigenous knowledge intersect. It's really cool to have a western scientist interested in indigenous knowledge!! There was this energy in our conversation that involves the joy of learning new things and a willingness to step outside of one's comfort level. That's really cool.

Other than that, I've really been enjoying hanging out with Eddie. He's been a real pleasure - telling jokes and doing chores. He enjoyed playing in the leaves yesterday. I'm proud of him. And, I "love him big bit". : )


Carver said...

I'll be sending out good vibes on the tumor markers. Ah playing in the leaves. My daughter and I did a lot of that when she was growing up. We'd pile the leaves into king size beds.

Jonathon said...

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