Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Productive Day Today

Got in an interview - got some movement on a grant supplement - got some movement on a proposal that we plan to submit in January - got some movement on a presentation I'm giving on Friday - got some movement on additional names for interviews - talked "realignment" strategies with colleagues at lunch (at McMenamin's, no less) - got a strategy (a plan a and a plan b) for personal finances

It was a "got some work done" kind of day. That feels good.

Especially since yesterday, I felt down and depressed and tired. Worried about finances, I guess, with impending "temporary" pay reductions coming up.

Not sure what turned around the mood. I had had a decent night's sleep both last night and the night before. A mystery. But maybe because I figured out both a Plan A and a Plan B for the finances. I always feel better with a plan.

Take care!

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