Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hawaii Pictures

Finally, I have posted some pictures from Hawaii. The first picture is of me and Eddie overlooking steam vents at Volcano National Park (is it Kilauea, Renee?).

The next picture if of me and Eddie at the entrance to the lava tube at Volcano National Park.

The next picture if of Eddie in the lava tube.

Eddie is sitting in the lava field - we were on our way to walk as far as we could so we could see the steam rising from the lava entering the ocean.

Here we are - see the steam in the background where the lava is entering the ocean.

Here is Eddie near the pond where the sea turtles are hanging out.

And, Eddie is on the right - we are at Kailua Beach on O'ahu. This is where he said, "I'm having the time of my life."

Here's a picture of Renee and Eddie overlooking Waimea Valley, where the Hawaiian royalty lived. I guess taro grew very well here.

Renee and Arna are helping Eddie on the boogie board at Richardson (? I think) Beach in Hilo.

Eddie is on a rock bridge at a park in Hilo - they were having a celebration for Queen Lily (actually, it's a longer name, but I have forgotten it) who was responsible (with her husband) for building the first hospitals for Native Hawaiians. The celebration also had a bouncy castle for kids as well as a water slide which Eddie slid down over and over. We didn't get a picture of that - only movies!

A banyan tree at the park with the water slide . . . I love banyan trees. They are so unusual with the roots hanging off the branches. They are also soooo big! I wonder how old they are . . .

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures!


Carver said...

I enjoyed the pictures so much Dee. What a wonderful trip.

Daria said...

The pictures are wonderful ...

Dee said...

Hi Carver and Daria,
Yes, it was a wonderful trip. Wish I had longer over there. Next time, eh? : ) I'd highly recommend it!