Friday, November 6, 2009

I'll take lopsided boobs over an open wound any day

Every once in awhile, I take a few minutes to read back over my old blog posts. Tonight, I looked over the ones from last November. I'd almost forgotten about the fact that I lived with an open wound for 11 months - and that also included the open cavity that I had after I lost the implant after radiation! Wow. What a difference a year makes.

Also at that time, I was posting some great tumor marker numbers and now I'm living with lung tumors although Femara seems to be working. I also credit qigong and doing what I can to destress my life.

Last year, I was planning for reconstruction surgery. That's behind me now - or rather, it's *in front* of me now! Ha!!

Last year, Obama was elected as our first African-American president. And, I think that he's doing fairly well under the circumstances. I was happy he addressed the Tribal Nations conference in DC yesterday. It's refreshing to have a president who understands the history of federal-Indian relations and the legal basis for Indian sovereignty.

It seems that last year, I was generally happy and there's really no change - maybe I'm happier.

I've had a lot of amazing experiences this past year. I went to Arizona in January; Norway in March and May; DC in June; Alaska in July; Oxford, England, in August; Hawaii in September; and Alaska in October. I've met some amazing people, had a few wonderful mini-vacations, started to work on a few great projects, continued work on old projects, have had great conversations with colleagues and friends, received a lot of great help from my folks and many others, and I'm raising an amazing son.

Thank you, all, for your continued support! Love ya! And, have an amazing week-end.

Oh, before I forget. I think I'm going to take Eddie to Frogtown tomorrow. It sounds like a great musical event geared toward kids and appreciating diversity.

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