Friday, November 25, 2011

Still Alive

Hello. I'm still alive, though I'm really weak. I can't get up on my own. It's so bad that I have to wear diapers because I can't even get to the bedside commode. My family was here for Thanksgiving, but I slept too much. I'm going to sign off because my voice is weak. I love you all.

(note: My apologies but this is all of Deanna's message that I was able to decipher. There was a little more, not much, but her voice is very faint.)


Kate said...

You may never read this but I'm so glad that I have had the honor to connect with you in this life time. May we connect again one day in a different relm. I hope your journey is peaceful and filled with the warmest of love. I will always dance in the moonlight and send energy your way so that you may pass it back to everything you touched.

Love you so very much and thank you for making such a difference in this life time. Safe travel to you my friend...There are so many that will miss your smile and your beautiful words.

crackerjaxshop said...

Love you dear....thank you for all that you are!

Unknown said...

Dear Deanna and Eddie,

We're at the coast at the same place we were for the last department retreat when you two brought beach games for everyone to play. There was a huge storm at the beginning of the week and a couple of the houses we rented are covered in sand. High winds and rain were scheduled for today, but instead it is gorgeous. I walked the length of the beach down to the bay. I stopped at a beautiful place and wrote your name in the sand, Deanna, and watched the waves take it away. In it's place it left a pretty sandstone that I'll give to Eddie.

We will miss you dearly, Deanna.



Val Goodness said...

Remembering you in every minute of TEK work I do. You paved the way. Your Ancestors and decedents, 7 generations benefit from your devotion to our Mother Earth. Wado Sister
Val Goodness

Alli said...
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