Saturday, November 12, 2011

Watching Harry Potter

I've been watching Harry Potter all day. I also managed to get down some more watermelon. I did have some dry heaves this morning, but that was because my legs and arms were shaking with anxiety like I had a couple of weeks ago in the hospital. So my dad gave me a little bit of Ativan under the tongue and I ended up dry heaving that. But the shakes went away so hopefully I won't need any Ativan tonight. I also figured out that I haven't been shaking my legs and feet as much as I had been. So I'm gonna do more of that so hopefully I won't get the shakes again tonight.

I continue to be awed by colleagues who are sending notes and cash, and I just want to give a big thank you to them. I really appreciate it. I got another check in the mail today for Eddie. I could use it for his tuition, but I think I might set it aside for his Christmas use. 

Not much is new. I hope you all are well. I guess I'm doing okay, but I still have the thrush. I appreciate those of you who agreed to wait to visit until the thrush is gone. Thank you.

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