Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feeling Better but Weaker

Hello. My nausea seems to be under control. I've also had thrush, which is slowly getting better. I'm waiting for the thrush to be completely gone before I try eating, then I'll go back to eating my applesauce and watermelon at first and see what happens. But that might be a couple of days away. In the meantime I seem to be getting weaker, although I am feeling a little bit better.

Dad put Christmas lights out in the back so now during the early evening when it's getting dark, I get to see pretty lights outside my window.

I haven't really done much, just tried to make sure I'm drinking some fluids. I take the Nystatin for the thrush in my mouth, mom gives me the suppositories, and I have the Fentanyl patches. That's all I'm taking. I've really trimmed down what I'm taking in terms of medication, and I think that's a good thing.

Hope you're having a good evening. Talk to you later!


bythesea said...

Dee, I've never posted to any blog before, but i want to thank you for sharing so openly about your life. I've connected with many a post, but the one from Sept. 10, 2010 where you wrote about your son, aspergers, and your family particularly spoke to me, so much so that I had been thinking of e-mailing you ever since then. Thank you.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Joanna said...

I hope you start feeling even better than better. When you can eat, I think your energy will improve. You are so amazing for sharing your life with us, the good and the bad... I hope for lots more good.