Friday, November 4, 2011

Dry Heaves and Nausea

For Thursday.

Hello. I started out the day feeling better, but I ended up having dry heaves again around 6:00, or maybe even 5:30 when Allison was visiting me. So now I'm apprehensive again about my belly and nausea. Finally had a bowel movement, but I needed a suppository to do that. Mom's been helping with the suppository, which I need to get twice a day to help with the nausea.

Other than that I've just been watching tv. I've had three visits from hospice, and one from Allison, who gave me a lot of news about what was going on on campus, which was nice. But she talked more than I did, cause it's hard for me to talk. 

I guess I don't have much else to say.Talk to you tomorrow. Hope it's better. Bye!


Jill said...

Just sending you all my love and some virtual(((HUGS))).

j said...

So sorry, Dee. Dry heaves, nausea, constipation.... sounds like you are having a rough go of it. I don't even know what to type because I don't want to accidentally make you queasy by mentioning the wrong word! Just know I'm thinking of you, pulling for you, hoping you will get relief from these symptoms and that a better day is just around the corner.