Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pomo Indian Medicine Basket

I'm writing this late at night on Friday. I woke up after a long nap and I'm wide awake for once. I had a fairly good day today. Started out a little nauseous, so I'm still taking the anti-nausea pills. I think it was the Zofran that was making me sick, so I'm taking the Phenergan and Dilaudid and I'm keeping it to just those two medications plus a stool softener. So I'm feeling fairly well.

We were fairly busy today. We had hospice stop by for a couple of hours. And then while they were here I had another friend and colleague, Margaret, stop by with a Pomo Indian medicine basket. They're tiny little baskets that will hold the illness and will empty it. When she gave it to me, I just burst out in tears cause I know the significance of those baskets and it really touched me. So thank you Margaret, I really appreciate it.

After Margaret left, home health care stopped by and taught the hospice nurse how to change my dressing. It's convoluted and hopefully it will go quicker with someone having seen it once. But then I spent the afternoon resting and watching a movie with my brother Kevin. We watched Bridesmaids. I thought it was going to be funnier, especially with funny scenes from Vegas, but it was cute. Then I slept; slept and drank some Jamba Juice.

I'm hoping you all have a good day. I'm hoping I will have a good one tomorrow and actually get some organizational stuff done. Not only writing for the book, but I also have a lot of stuff laying around my room that needs to be picked up and put away. 

Love you all!


Lisa Ede said...

Hi Deanna,
I have been a regular reader of your blog but only just today figured out how to sign up so that I could leave comments. Duh.

I want you to know how much I value you and how much you have taught me about genuine courage, optimism, and engagement with life. I treasure you for these and many other reasons.

Reading your posts, I always notice how you reach out to those you care about, hoping that they/we are having a good day, etc. That is so like you!

Phyllis said...

Hi Deanna,
We've been out of contact for an awfully long time and I didn't know how ill you've been and that you have a blog. I'm grateful to Carol Jolles and Molly Lee for getting me into the loop.

The other day, Chase and I were talking about the idea of the "bucket" list (list of things you want to do before you die). I told him, you know it seems like a much better idea to just do things that you like to do and that are meaningful to you. That makes every day worthwhile and there's no sense of regret for things on some mythical wish-list that you'll never get to cross off as having been "done."
It sounds like you are doing just that: checking your priorities each day and doing the right thing for yourself and Eddie. And I think you've always worked towards that goal. I remember, for example, when I asked you about what you saw while you were in England. You told me that you spent a lot of time on the Underground with Eddie, because he loved riding it to different destinations. I just loved that. What a great mom.
I'll keep checking in to your blog. Know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you comfort and connection with those you care about each day.

Auntie M said...
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Micki Reaman said...

I've been appreciating reading your blog since I found out about it. Thank you. Though I could practically shout a greeting over the fence, I'm writing so you'll know that your neighbors to the south have you and Eddie and your family in our thoughts each day.