Sunday, October 9, 2011

A "Thank You" Day

So many of you have noticed by now that Rebecka posted the first blog post for me yesterday. I could see how many typos I had in my talking, but I guess it sounds more like I'm talking to you than when I type up my blog post. At any rate, my days are pretty much full of resting, having some water, Gatorade, applesauce and fruit smoothies. 

My sister, bless her heart, went to Kohles and got me some more t-shirts that can fit over the sleeve on my arm; it's so fat! Because of the dressing that's on it, it's quite large. She got me some extra-large t-shirts so that my arm can fit through. It also fits over my head a lot easier when I put it on, but I still need the nurse's help to put my shirts on. My sister also got me a new pair of yoga pants, but I'm thinking I actually need to get a couple more pairs. Right now I'm living in them because they seem to be the most comfortable. 

Today what I want to do is a "THANK YOU" day. People have been so kind. I just received a get well card from the administrative assistant for our unit, Loretta, and also one from Nicole. A lot of other cards have come in but I don't have them in front of me. Kai has been sending soup through the soup cycle company once a week for the past couple of weeks. I guess she's kept that up as a service for awhile and that surprised me. Kim gave us a $25 Jamba Juice gift certificate, and somebody else gave us a $50 Jamba Juice gift certificate. I want to say it was Kai, but I'm not sure. Kat has been bringing smoothies whenever she comes by to visit. Everyone knows now what kind I like. Angelo came over with his wife Pattie, and they brought over banana bread and some really beautiful flowers. Joan, when she and her husband returned from the State of Georgia in Russia, brought me a traditional Georgia hat which is really quite fun. I've gotten lots of compliments on it already. People bring over flowers, fruit, things to eat, and other things. 

The bottom line is there is such a long list of thank you's including patrons at Zion who are taking care of my part of the tuition for Eddie this year. I have a wheelchair now and the Kiwanis Club has installed some more bars to make it for me to use the bathroom because I get so shaky. My family has been great, my sister sorted through my clothes and got a bunch of stuff ready for Goodwill, they fish around for papers for me, and printed out documents for me when I couldn't do it. 

In general, there are so many thank you's it seems like I have a long list. You know it's just people stopping by with friendship and understanding. If it's possible I would like you to extend that understanding to Eddie. Maybe he's having a good day and not even thinking about me, and that's good. He needs to be unfettered by worries like that. But if you do happen to see him cry when you walk by just give him a hug. Let him know he's loved, and that you're one of my friends. I hadn't meant to cry during this post, but I guess everybody cries and it's okay to cry.

I guess I'll sign off for now. Just know that I'm doing okay, my pain is under control, and I am eating when I feel like eating, and resting a lot.  I LOVE YOU ALL.

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