Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Wrinkle in my Disability Plans

I had hoped to take long-term disability all next year. It turns out, though, in order to have my benefits covered, I either need to work at least half-time or pay COBRA. This is because I do not have enough FMLA left to protect my benefits. (I've been on FMLA for over a year. Long story; don't want to talk about the nitty gritty details.)

I can't afford COBRA, I don't think, with the decreased salary I would get on disability. I'd like to keep my current insurance. I could go on the Oregon Health Plan, I supposed, but I don't know how well it would work.

I really wanted to have a stress-free year where I didn't have to worry about work.


I really wanted time off. But I may end up teaching a course a term or something. I'll have to talk to my supervisor. Not 'til next week sometime, after I'm home from this next surgery.

Sheesh. I'll be up tonight worrying about this one, I think.

UPDATE: I found out that to pay for my own insurance out of pocket,it would cost me about $1250 for both medical and dental. Holy cow. I have half a mind just to put it on my credit card for a few months so I can rest up and not worry about work during the fall. We will see.


MisAnthropology said...

Dee, what about an online class or two? I wouldn't recommend the WIC 370, but perhaps a Peoples of the World or similar level class. Frankly, 484 "Wealth and Poverty", even though it's the highest level upper division class I teach, is probably the easiest of the three classes I have. Once the numbers get up in the 400s, the students are much more likely to be able to figure things out on their own without needing quite the constant monitoring to the extent that some classes do.

It's not that the online classes are no work, but you don't have to be at a particular place on particular days. They do allow more flexibility in time, because the classroom is 'always open'. Heck, I'm lying on my bed grading papers right now. You just need to make sure the students don't expect you to be 'always present' in that 'always open' atmosphere. Once you put some limits on that potential tyranny, they are manageable.

If that's an option you might want to consider, I'd be happy for you to be listed in my Europe and Wealth and Poverty so you can poke around and look at how I have them set up.

Dee said...

Thank you, Mary. That might indeed be an option. I will talk to Susan next week hopefully to figure it out.