Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Transfusion Helped

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a transfusion on Friday. This past weekend and the last two days, I have noticed that it has definitely helped.

On Saturday, I was lazy through the morning, but after lunch, I went to urgent care for a dressing change and then my folks and I went shopping in Albany. I was specifically looking for button-up shirts since I can't lift my arm above my head and put on t-shirts. I still can't wear my zip-up hoodies either as the sleeves are too tight. We got home about dinner time and I managed to keep going through dinner. Then I rested.

On Sunday, after being lazy in the morning, I then ran errands to my office, then picked up Eddie at his dad's, then I went to Urgent Care, then Eddie and I went to the park before dinner, then I had dinner. Then I rested.

On Monday, I was busy from 8 in the morning until about 6:30pm (I worked for awhile, then wound care, then lunch, then met with my colleague K., then picked up Eddie, then did a presentation with K., then stayed around for the reception). I collapsed by then - I was really tired during the reception. The presentation did generate some interest with a few people, so I guess it was successful.

Today, I went to the office for a bit, then wound care, then my class for two hours, then lunch, answered some emails, then had a meeting, picked up Eddie, and from the afternoon until now, I've been sitting in the living room. This is partly because since I came home from the presentation yesterday, my whole left arm has been swollen with lymphedema. I've spent yesterday evening, through today and now this evening, I've been trying to keep my hand and forearm elevated so that the swelling can go down. My left bicep has been swollen since surgery. I figure that once the wound clears, then I'll worry about decreasing that swelling, but I might have to start wearing a sleeve or something before that.

So, even though I am tired now, I am glad that I can have more or less normal activities during the day. I'm happy about that. I am also able to walk up stairs or walk several blocks without losing my breath. Thank goodness for the transfusion.

It's now sunny out. It's supposed to be really sunny and warm tomorrow, with a temp of 70 predicted. Yay! Spring is finally here!

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