Friday, May 20, 2011

Quic news

Remember the nausea and vomiting I thought was from Dilaudid? Turns out it was from 2 brain tumors. I have a 2cm one near the top of my head and another one that was removed this morning. I think it was also 2cm, but it caused a 4cm cyst to clog the vetricles. They started who,e brain radiation but the neurosurgeon caught the clog and cyst.

I am doing okay. The steroids make me euphoric - am feeling a little silly and would probably feel sillier if there wasn't News of brain tumors.

I Amin the hospital for q few no ore days. Hard to type with these damn linger fingernails! Once I get them cut, I will write a longer post!


laurie said...

Thinking of you a lot and sending you every positive vibe my being can muster. I wish I could deliver a hug and hang out in person - now more than ever. xoxo

Joanna said...

I too wish that I could deliver a hug to you. I have been worried when you were not blogging for a bit and am hoping, hoping, hoping that the treatment is super successful and that you feel better very soon.

j said...

Sitting here trying to think of what YOU would say to someone if the positions were reversed and I am coming up short! So imagine that I have typed something affirming and reassuring that communicates hope and at the same time, confidence that we will deal with wherever this road takes you, takes us. Strength, sister. Strength and love.
PS I am thanking the forces of the world that you have such a mighty, mighty brain and a strong heart!

Carver said...

Dear Dee,

I am so sorry to read this. You are in my heart and thoughts. Love, Carver