Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What a day, what a day, what a day

I've been fighting an earache for three days, sometimes with a sinus headache. (Of course, in the back of my mind, there was always the worry of there being a tumor somewhere in the brain causing these aches.)

I also had to get my teeth cleaned. I also have a canker sore on the back and bottom of my tongue. The dentist felt that there's a cavity next to one of my crowns, which is apparently getting old. So, the dentist wants to redo the crown and while he's there, he'll be able to see if there's a cavity. Price tag - about $300. It's not urgent, so it'll wait until spring after I receive my tax refund.

After the dentist's, I went to Immediate Care to have my ear checked. No infection, but the doctor felt that my eustachian tube is congested. So, she gave me a prescription for a decongestant. I dropped it off at the pharmacy and when I looked at the prescription, I realized that the doctor didn't write my name on the prescription, but another patient's. Fortunately, the pharmacy said they'd call the doctor to verify that the prescription is for me, not the other person, and then they'd fill it.

Then, I went to Freddies to pick up a couple of things. I went through the U-Scan and then paid with my debit because I wanted cash back - only $20.

I then parked at Eddie's school and it was when I was walking to my office that I realized that I left my cash in the dispenser.

I grabbed a bite to eat on my way to my office and called Freddies - they said to come in and fill out a form about the cash and noted that no one turned in a lost $20. If no one turns it in, then I lost $20.

I had Thai food for lunch and as I bit into the carrots and broccoli, my molars hurt - obviously from the cleaning today. My jaw is still sore.

I went to my office and then went to the Dean's Holiday Party. Had some good visits with various people, including a couple of conversations about this new initiative that launched a few weeks ago.

Went back to the office and talked to my Chair about future plans; one that I proposed won't work, but I think I can figure out a work-around.

Picked up Eddie, went to Freddies, filled out the form, then to the pharmacy - got the decongestant, but insurance didn't pay for it, so it was $11 out of pocket.

End of day tally: Negatives - sore jaw, congested eustachian tube, lost $20, paid $11 for a prescription, need a new crown for about $300, still need to grade about 7 papers. Positives - good conversations, good food.

I took a decongestant a couple of hours ago and there already seems to be some improvement in the earache and small sinus headache. Whew. Seemingly no tumors, then. Things like the earache are like salt in a wound when you're living with metastatic cancer. On the other hand, why not me?

It ended up being a good day. A little touch and go there, but a good day. Especially since I will soon be finished grading papers! Yay!

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