Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Preparations Completed!

I feel fortunate. I had a fairly relaxing day. Eddie and I had a lazy morning, then we watched Alvin & the Chipmunks the Squeaquel. It was a cute movie - and I thought the music choices were fun!

Afterwards, we went to the grocery store - holy cow! We circled the whole parking lot - all the spaces down one side of the store, across the front, to the other side of the store before we finally found one. It was crazy when we tried to leave - it seemed like there were a lot more cars and it took us about five minutes to even back out of our spot and get out of the parking lot. Of course, one person was rude about letting someone back out of their spot. It was the only instance of poor holiday behavior, even when I went shopping on Black Friday.

Then, Eddie had an appointment at the dentist's. He passed with flying colors - meaning, no cavities and only a little instruction about brushing.

I'm really going to miss him when he's in Virginia. He'll be gone eight days.

My evening was spent wrapping one last present, then creating rhymes for a treasure hunt - three for each child (Eddie, niece, nephew). They were small gifts. I was getting tired of finding rhymes!

Probably because this morning, for about five minutes, any time Eddie said anything, I would reply in a rhyme. That was fun! We were both being "weirdos"! Eddie likes to use that term for having fun - for being weird and silly and goofy.

Well, time for bed. I hope you all have a great Christmas Eve tomorrow. I just have a bit of cleaning to do tomorrow, then everyone is coming over to my place for the gift exchange. Eddie will stay the night with me - Santa will visit us tomorrow night.

Merry Christmas!


Cat, Jeremiah, Finn and baby limpet said...

Enjoy the holiday! I can't imagine 8 days without Ed...I bet you will miss him. Tell him Merry Christmas from us and that we'll be thinking of him. While he's gone let me know if you want to catch a movie one evening to pass the time :)

We'll have to get together soon...Finn's been asking about Dede every time she sees your picture on facebook or your blog.

Dee said...

Hi Cat, Gooey, and everyone!
I would love to see you all next week while Eddie's away. That's sweet that Finn is asking about me! I'll give you all a call when I'm free.

What are you all doing for the holidays?