Saturday, December 19, 2009

There's my two full-time jobs . . . and my part-time job

Like most parents, I have two full-time jobs: the one that brings in the money and the one taking care of your child (or children).

I also have another part-time job: cancer treatment.

I counted the total number of appointments I had this year. It includes seeing my oncologist or his assistant, the zometa treatments, the dentist, the counselor, the acupuncturist, and a couple of appointments for Eddie.

Exactly how many appointments did I have this year? Drum roll, please:


Yes, seventy-seven appointments.

That's a lot better than last year, when I had 125 days where I had appointments.

But that means that I had appointments on 20% of the days in 2009. 20%.

If you consider that I have travel time and assume an average one-hour appointment, that means that 150 of my waking hours were spent going to medical appointments.

That's almost a month of work hours (40 hours a week x 4 weeks = 160).

Amazing, eh?

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Carver said...

I know how those appointments can pile up. It seems like a full time job. I'm glad there is a downward trend for you.