Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas "Service" Tonight

Eddie goes to a religious school - and they told us today that it would be a service or worship and not a "program" or "concert".

Eddie has a speaking part.

I'm already proud of him.

Not much else in the news department. Just trying to clean up my office. Haven't called yet about getting my ribs x-rayed or whatever, but they are still sore. Have a great evening everyone!

P.S. Eddie not only had a speaking part, but he was the very FIRST child to speak for the whole program! He did a great job - he enunciated clearly, into the mic, and spoke in a calm, measured voice. Wonderful wonderful job, boogaloo!


Jill said...

Dee--I thought he did a wonderful job, also. He also said his part at a nice, even pace rather than "flying" through the words.


Dee said...

Thank you, Jill! So, it wasn't just a "proud mama" talking about her child . . . he he.