Saturday, December 19, 2009

And, there's a Plan C

As recent readers of my blog know, I've been trying to institute some ways to save money with impending pay reductions. I'm still planning to pursue a version of Plan A, but Plan B was to fix up the house enough to be able to sell it.

Plan C is to invite my folks and brother to live with me. Something happened yesterday and it looks like Plan C is what we'll do.

My dad and my brother have been looking for work the past two years. I know that my brother has put in well over 100 applications and my dad maybe 30 or 40. No interviews. At all.

In the meantime, several years ago, my mom had acid reflux, but it'd gotten so bad that she'd lost about 10-15 pounds and then had blood in her urine. So, she had an endoscopy. After insurance paid, she owed a significant amount of money. But she couldn't afford to pay. They took whatever was left in her checking account yesterday and left her broke.

I ended up giving them some money from my savings, but in the end, it's a bandaid approach. We all need something that will put a dent in our debt - me in the home equity line of credit that I used when first diagnosed two years ago and my folks who have old medical bills.

So, they're moving in to my house. Probably after the first of the year. I do have two rooms that I don't even really use in the house. We're all going to adjust. But right now the benefits outweigh any negatives to learning how to live with each other again. We each save several hundred a month in expenses, which we can use to pay down debt, and I get home-cooked meals more often. They can help with Eddie in the case I have to have chemo. Dad gets a much bigger yard to play in - for his garden and such. They get internet access and satellite TV. We will now have two cats and a dog. We'll need to figure out storage.

So, some big changes in store after the New Year. I think it'll all work out.

Have a great week-end everyone!


Daria said...

I`m excited for you and your family.

Dee said...

Hi Daria,
It is kind of exciting, although I am also trying to be realistic. We're all going to have to work together to make room - we have two full households to cram into one. I'll probably be posting a lot of stuff on craigslist to sell! : )