Friday, May 1, 2009

My "Wii" Son

Yes, the "wii" reference means that my son is now one of the many kids and adults out there who have a Nintendo Wii. He's been saving for one for several months. He had about a third of the money he needed by saving his allowance and then both his dad and I had savings accounts for him. We dipped into that to purchase his wii, another wiimote, and Wii Play. Wii Sports comes with the unit.

I played tennis, baseball, and bowling with him after school today and I got to tell you - you do wave your arms around! It was a bit muggy out today and I could certainly feel the humidity as I played. It was fun! I can see how the game could be addicting.

My son was so excited about playing the Wii - they got the unit last night - that on the way to school this morning, he made the comment, "The Wayside School is only in school from 9 to 2 - only five hours! My school goes from 8:15 to 3 - a whole seven hours! That's not fair." I thought perhaps he was just wishing it was Sat not Fri. Then, he said, "Mama, how much is 60 times 7?" I answered, "420". "Darn!" he says, "I have to count to 100 four times!". Then, I got to thinking about the Wii and I said, "Are you counting the minutes until you can go home to play the Wii?" He said, "No, I'm counting the minutes until you pick me up so we can go to the store and get Wii Play."

Hmm, not at all anxious, huh?

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