Friday, May 15, 2009

And, We're Front Page News Again!

On Thursday, we gave an all morning seminar on indigenous placenames. This time, all four of us gave more formal presentations about our research. It was fun, although I must admit I was thinking about my own, realizing that it wasn't as polished as it should be, and so only caught 2/3 of Renee's and Nobuhle's. (I apologize for that you two - I would really like to see your powerpoints!)

At any rate, a young man from Sami University College took our pictures. You can see them here.

This has really really been a wonderful trip. I've really missed my son and Scott and the rest of my family and I wish they all could be here to experience this. I feel honored to have been part of this group. Kaisa was a wonderful wonderful hostess. Our whole week was seamlessly put together, but I know she must be exhausted. I hope she takes the week-end to rest!

I really want to see them all again. I'm thinking about trying to figure out how to find money to bring them to OSU and then I can host them.

Off tomorrow to drive to Alta. Then we fly to Oslo, via Lakselv and Tromso. We stay the night in Oslo tomorrow and then I leave about 11am to fly to Newark and then to Portland. It will be good to be home . . . but I've really had a wonderful time here!


Carver said...

I'm so glad everything has gone well. Great shots in the post below this.

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
Thanks! That's high praise ("great shots") coming from a photographer! I'm glad it went well - I'm glad I'm home, but I had a great great time in Norway.
Take care!