Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back Home Safely

Hello everyone!
A quick note to say that I arrived safely home in Portland late on Sunday night. After about six hours sleep, I was on my way to Corvallis and picked my son up from school, then off to work to get ready to teach.

The day went fairly well, although I really started to fade from jet lag about 3pm. Then, I still had to come home, do laundry, go grocery shopping, unpack, then my lovely cat decided to be mad at me and left a couple of surprises that I had to clean up. Namely, she decided to pee and poop on the floor in the bathroom and in the sink. I mopped the bathroom floor THREE times until I think I finally got rid of the cat urine smell, using a variety of cleaning products, and then after a thorough cleaning of the sink, I used bleach. NOT what I wanted to be doing last night when I was tired. Eddie also had some homework that I had to help him with.

I think the smell is gone. Truth will tell upon our arrival home this afternoon.

But it's sunny, my rhodies are blooming, my irises and red hot pokers are blooming, I can see buds on my roses and one of them has blooms, and this ground cover that had struggled all the time I've lived here looks nice and healthy and full of blue blooms. Another small ground cover in the bed near the driveway has definitely spread over a larger area and is full of a delicate light blue bloom. So, yes, it's pretty here and it's hard to stay mad at the cat, especially after a great night of sleep (I woke up three times, but managed to get back to sleep).

Happy Tuesday!


mapdr said...


Glad to hear you are home safely taking care of business even if it is an unexpected bout of cat surprises. Keeps things real I suppose. Even with all your trials and tribulations, I am so very happy to know you have a great sense of humor. I will do what I can from afar to help you. More later.

Dee said...

Aloha "Mapdr",
So kind of you to visit!! I hope that it's a visit in person sometime very soon, rather than virtual. Or, perhaps I should take you up on your offer sooner rather than later and visit YOU in warm Hilo!

A sense of humor helps to deal with the trials and tribulations as well as the support I get from afar! I appreciate it, you know!

mapdr said...


I cannot believe you have lured me into this strange virtual reality...but...I guess you are worth it. I just may become a regular..this is kind of fun...YIKES! I too would like a visit sooner than later especially since I will be in NZ for 3 months starting mid-Sep this year. I was awarded the MacMillan Brown Fellowship. I do have an opening for visitors between 6/30 and 7/15. We can work on giving you a new appreciation for food via cooking. Hey maybe I can take you with me as a consultant for my community interviews on Lanai and you can give me some pointers. Ha, a geographer asking an anthropologist for pointers. I never thought I would see those words coming out of my mouth. It should show you how much I respect you...and you earned that respect so very quickly. Hmm, I am going to have to give myself a good lip lashing after I send this. I need to change the subject quickly or my soft underbelly will begin to show.

So, what is an appropriate opening greeting in your language?

Dee said...

Wow, mapdr, how amazing that you are even considering having an anthropologist help you! I'm honored . . . I think! A lip-lashing, huh? Is that for even saying "anthropology"? LOL

Not sure when I can make it there to Hawaii. I wish it could be sooner rather than later, but finances might have something to do with that.

HA! I sorta resisted blogging for a long time. But I do get a lot of support from it and now I enjoy reading other blogs, too, mostly of other cancer patients, but some friends and former students keep family blogs and another has a "wedding industrial complex" blog, which is quite humorous. It's impersonal, yes, but it does help me to spread the news of how I'm doing to lots of people and I don't have to tell the same story many times.