Monday, May 4, 2009

As my friend said, "That's just so wrong!" OR Pubes on the Boob - LOL

Ya ready for this?

I have a few pubic hairs growing on the upper medial quadrant of my TRAM flap.

Yep, you heard me right. P-U-B-I-C hairs.


A noticed a few hairs a couple of weeks ago, but since there were only a few (3 or 4 maybe), I decided not to really think about it anymore.

But last week, as I tried on new bras that could uplift the TRAM flap side a bit (especially since the implant side has not yet dropped), I noticed more. It's a section maybe an inch and a half long and a quarter to a half inch wide. Most of the little hairs are pretty thin and light, but there are a few that are more noticeable.

Now the upper part of my TRAM flap used to be below my belly button - when the doctor took the abdominal tissue, he basically spun it around like hands on a clock to place it on my chest.

I googled the situation last Friday and found that this isn't all that uncommon. It does happen in a few cases. I can get electrolysis or bleach the hairs.

I may get electrolysis and then I think I may get a tattoo around the top area since the scar line may be a little pronounced and will show with swimming suits and other open neck tops.

You just got to laugh about something like this. Too too funny. Like I told my friends, at least we know the TRAM flap has a good blood supply - or else the hair couldn't grow! LOL : )


Daria said...

That is funny ... Who would have thunk it?

Dee said...

Hi Daria,
I certainly didn't think of the possibility before surgery .. . I wasn't sure I wanted to make this too public, but then I figure that people need to know that this could happen after a TRAM or a DIEP flap. Part of the whole process. And, it is really really funny.