Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunny Warm Phoenix!

Phoenix was great! I spent too much time indoors, but just walking around the little that I did in sunny 70+ degree weather was great. My sandals were perfect. I wore my capris.

I enjoyed meeting my colleague's colleagues. As I mentioned, I went down to work with Arthur, who was in my cohort at UAF, and Peter, who was our professor there. We met with Arthur's colleague, John, about how to develop a cyberinfrastructure or data management grant for social science data.

While the work was good - the best part was hearing about Peter's and Arthur's work - it was the visiting after hours that was more fun. We got caught up on a lot of gossip at UAF - we know a lot of the same players - as well as the news with other Arctic colleagues.

Arthur then took us for a quick visit to the Desert Botannical Garden, who also had an installation of Dale Chihuly's glass artwork. Really cool stuff!

Had some good time hanging with Scott. He probably won't be able to get to Corvallis until Saturday, the day after my surgery. I figure I'll be sleeping most of Friday evening, so that's okay. The cool thing is that the next time he sees me, I'll have boobs.


Okay, I need to get some work done . . . have a great week everyone!

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