Monday, February 2, 2009

I have great parents

I've been feeling a bit anxious and stressed today. I was relatively productive, but I still had a whole list of things to do. Could it be my upcoming surgery?

Then, after coming home and eating some popcorn, my stomach felt upset - bloated - and a bit lightheaded/motion sick. I drank some ginger tea and laid down on my stomach and it gradually felt somewhat better. It's still a little bit upset, though.

I've also felt really rundown and low energy - like I could've gone to sleep around 7:30pm.

I called and talked to my folks - they'll take care of my son on Wed when I have a faculty meeting and then we chatted about my surgery on Friday. Dad said that they'd bring me to the hospital at 6am and they more or less planned to hang out at the hospital all day. I told him that I was going to be out of it and that it probably wasn't necessary, but they want to be there.

I have great folks, huh? They are one of the reasons why I'm doing so well . . . I think just knowing they're going to be there for me will bring me a degree of comfort.

Thanks, mom and dad. I love you.


Carver said...

I am so glad that you have good support from your parents. I hope that you can get some extra rest although I know it's hard with all you have going on. Take good care of yourself.

Liz Kreger said...

I have no doubt everything will go fine, Dee. Still, its natural to be anxious. I've learned to shift my thoughts into little compartments and them promptly ignore the anxious little voice. LOL.

Terrific that your parents are going to be there. Yes, they'll be cooling their heels for much of the day, but there is a certain reassurance knowing they're there.

Dee said...

Hiya Carver and Liz,
Thank you for your advice and your support!

You know, I also know I'm gonna do okay because I have the two of you for role models! Take care!