Saturday, February 28, 2009

Introducing . . . my new strapless camisole by Spanx!

Since my surgery, my plastic surgeon wanted me to wear an abdominal binder to help support the abdomen, especially the TRAM. But when I saw him last Monday, he said that if I could find a girdle or some other garment that would help support my stomach, that I could switch it since the binder is so bulky. I finally had a chance to look for such a garment on Thursday and I found a strapless camisole from a company called "Spanx"!

Apparently, they started as footless tights, that help do away with pantylines. And, the owner, Sara Blakeley, after finding someone to manufacture the product, hit on the name "Spanks" and then switched it to "Spanx". She says that: "Spanx is edgy, fun, extremely catchy, and for a moment it makes your mind wander (admit it). Plus it's all about making women's butts look better, so why not?"

Okay, yes, I was wondering what the name might refer to!

Anyway, the one I have is black and I double it up - I don't think that I should put anything tight around my breast area yet. It sure is more comfortable than the binder and it does give me the support I need.

I'm standing up straighter, although still not quite upright. I've been doing most household chores, keeping what I lift fairly light still. I have more energy every day. The way I see it, it's all uphill from here.

The only bummer is that I started taking Tykerb again last Sunday . . . and darn-it-all, my face is breaking out all over again! It was nice and clear for a few weeks. Sigh! Well, as my friend, Tammy, reminded me, better to have a few zits than the alternative. Eyes on the prize, eh?

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