Friday, February 13, 2009

Doing Well

One week post-surgery, I'd have to say that I'm doing pretty well. I don't have a lot of pain. I figured out why I had continued to feel light-headed and couldn't read - my eyes were dilated for a few days after taking off the Scopalamine patch!! The patch can also cause dizziness. This patch is often used for motion sickness and I wore one for three days.

I think my eyes are back to normal and I don't feel light-headed any longer. Yay!

I still have some discomfort in my abdominal area, but only when I cough. I have to be careful about how I stand up from sitting or how I sit from standing, but overall, I'd have to say it's been fairly easy.

I was pretty tired yesterday, though, feeling really lazy. Just watched some movies. I did a bit of work on my taxes. I hadn't slept well the night before. Dr. H says that while I'm healing, my body has a lot of metabolic demands. I need to take in a lot of calories. No problem there!

I slept okay last night, though. I have an appointment with Dr. H today - I will probably get the drains out and will be released to drive. Yay!


Carver said...

Good to hear that you are doing pretty well. I hope you can take it easy as long as you need to and give yourself plenty of time to heal.

Teresa Hartman said...

I am SO happy that you are doing well, and doing the right thing of taking it easy so the body can recover. Abdominal surgeries are tough on a person (speaking from personal experience), but it sounds like you are riding it out well. Thinking of you in snowy Omaha, and sending Spring wishes to you each day!

Dee said...

Hi Carver and Teri,
Thanks for the reminder to give myself permission to rest! I need to hear it as often as possible!

I hope you both have a great week-end! Love you guys!