Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great News

My ob/gyn's office called me a little bit ago to give me great news:

Neither of my ovaries had cancer in them and the skin that Dr. H excised from the right breast area did not have cancer either.

Great news, huh?

I expected this news, but it's always great to get confirmation.

So, doya think I got this thing licked? I do. Of course, I'll be ever-vigilant and will make sure that I continue doing the things I've been doing to get me to this place. But . . . I think I'm out of the woods!



Carver said...

Wooohooo! I am so happy to read this Dee. Fabulous news.

Dee said...

Thanks, Carver! I know you understand all too well how exciting this is!

I'll keep you in my thoughts as you prepare for your next round of scans and tests next month!

ancient one said...

Great News!!