Friday, November 21, 2008

The Wound Continues to Heal

I saw the wound care nurse yesterday. The wound is continuing to heal. I asked her, based on her experience, if the wound was healing faster or slower than she expected. She said that she's quite pleased because, while she doesn't have much experience with cancer/radiation wounds, she thought that the wound might not heal at all.

So, I must be doing something right, huh?


Carver said...

That's great news Dee. I'm so glad that it's healing.

Sue said...

I wanted to share a little information about post-rads healing, as I've been following your story. I developed an abscess after rads, and it had to be opened and drained. This was in May. The hole is 99% closed, but there is still a little drainage, and it's almost Thanksgiving.
I'm actually a pretty good healer, and didn't have to have post-surgery drains, so I was pretty surprised by how slow this process has been.
I did have one small recurrence of the infection in August, and called the surgeon ASAP - it was pink and tender. Be sure to call even if you're not sure - it's better to see them an extra time or two than to risk more trouble.


Susan B. said...


I just tuned back into your blog and was so excited about the surgery news! I have done the TRAM and can share my experience--totally worth it.

I'm sending you good vibes from snowy Oneonta--



Dee said...

Hi Carver,
Hope you had a great week-end! Yep, it's healing, slowly but surely, so that's a good thing.

Hi Sue,
Thanks for sharing your story about post-rads healing. It helps me to know that my own healing is not unusual! I hope you're doing well now!

And, Susan. I heard you were getting lots of snow up there in Oneonta. And, I guess I didn't realize you had a TRAM flap. You know, we should have a phone chat sometime soon just to get caught up! I've been thinking about May's symposium here and there and wondering how everyone is doing. How are you doing? I've been thinking about you, too. I assumed you've been busy at work, just like me.