Friday, November 14, 2008

On A Roll!

Oh Shoot! (my volleyball team - we're named after the exclamation we tend to use after hitting a ball) won it's second match of the season! Woo hoo! We are now 2 and 0! I think the score was 21-17 and then 21-12 or 13.

Woo hoo!

No other big news . . . attended some morning sessions yesterday at the annual conference for the American Society for Ethnohistory. I listened to papers given on the history of Oregon Native Americans, most were given by Oregon tribal members, some of whom I know. It was really nice to see them all.

I think I strained some pectoral muscles near the open wound. It tends to hurt some when I try to close the rear hatch on my car or the glove compartment. I felt it, too, when I did my underhand serve or when I use my right arm to push myself up to sitting from laying down. The only thing I can think of is that I've been stretching those muscles a lot with this qi gong form, 8 Treasures. Maybe I'm overdoing it because they are really tight. So, I will take it easy a bit.

Other than that, Woo Hoo! It's sunny today - nice because we have a lot of rain this past week or so. When the sun poked out yesterday, I started to squint because I wasn't used to it! Welcome to Fall/Winter in the Willamette Valley!


Carver said...

Congratulations on the volleyball game. I hope you will be okay after resting some. It's easy to strain muscles under the best of circumstances with volleyball. I haven't played in years but I used to love to.

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
Thanks! It is nice to win the volleyball game! Quite fun!

People keep telling me that maybe I shouldn't play - that I should take it easy. But, what's the fun in that? I figure the whole area needs exercise - not exercising it might cause whatever muscle is there to atrophy.

Hope you're having a great week-end!

MisAnthropology said...

I just mentioned this post to David, because of the name of your team, and he asked if you need another player. Turns out he loves Vball. I did not know that.

Anyway, depending on when you play, he could throw his weight in if you ever need a sub.

Dee said...

Hi Mary,
We play during the week - anytime Mon to Fri. I'll bring in a schedule - I know he teaches Mon to Fri, but maybe he could make a game sometime!