Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Bazaar and Other News

As you may or may not know, my dad and mom and I spent our day at the holiday bazaar on Saturday. No one bought our beaded stuff, but my mom was able to sell some of her crocheted items. So, it was a success and it was fun. I figured if I didn't sell what I made, I could give it away as Christmas gifts. So . . . not a wasted effort.

I see Dr. K, my oncologist, tomorrow, my acupuncturist on Wednesday, and then Z-Day is on Friday (when I get Zometa and Zoladex). Last year, my bilateral mastectomy was on Nov 16 and I think I found out on Nov 21 that the pathologist found cancer cells throughout the tissue on the cancerous right side. I was still recovering from surgery on Turkey Day - I was still nauseous from the anesthesia and the morphine. I'm looking forward to a better one this year!

I continue to have decent energy and last night, I slept really well, too. Things are going well with Scott - we've been able to work through some issues fairly well, I think. My family's okay. We'll have 15 people - maybe 17 - at my sister's house on Thursday. Should be fun!

This week at work I hope to finish making changes to the placenames spreadsheet and to make revisions to a paper. Next week, I want to tackle submitting the article I just wrote to a journal. I contacted Polar Geography, but they haven't responded. Time to go to Plan C. It's week 8 for Fall Term - two more weeks of classes and then Finals Week.

Life is good! I really have no complaints.

I'm happy. Can you tell? ; )


Carver said...

Good to read that life is good for you. That sounds like a big family gathering at your sister's. Hope it's fun. Glad your mother sold some of her crochet and that you can use the beaded items for gifts. Good luck with your upcoming appointments!

Susan B. said...


My diagnosis was the day after Thanksgiving, so this period is still a little weird for me. I am so glad you are not going through Thanksgiving 2007. Yay for that! Yes, busy busy semester coming off of sabbatical. Let's email/phone each other and catch up (I've seen/talked to a few people from the symposium...).



Dee said...

Hi Carver,
Thanks! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving - what are your plans?

Susan, let's email and see about chatting sometime next week, okay? I saw some gold or bronze acorns at a craft store last night and thought of you.

I know that thinking about the anniversary of your diagnosis is a little strange; on the other hand, you're alive and kicking - focus on that instead of the negative. I'm happy that I know you!