Saturday, November 15, 2008

Toilet Troubles

I know I know . . . reading about "potties" is probably not what everyone wants to read about. But it just struck me as something to blog about so I am.

What am I talking about?

Well, first, every time I am at Scott's place and I go to use the bathroom, the d*#*n toilet paper is out. EVERY TIME. Without fail. When we got home last night after having a glass of wine, I went to use the bathroom, I saw it was out. I changed the toilet paper and then walked out to the living room. I told Scott, "I just want to go on record to report the fact that the toilet paper is out. Again." He just started giggling (he was brushing his teeth) and that made me giggle and we proceeded to laugh about this for a couple of minutes. Criminy.

And, after having several years of an almost perfect record of putting the toilet seat and lid back down, in the past week or so, my son has consistently forgotten to put it down. I walk in and it's up. Grrr! I've been reminding him, but he keeps forgetting.


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