Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Lazy Day At Home

This morning, my son woke up with a 100.1 degree temperature and an upset tummy. He said he couldn't sleep well last night, so I asked my folks to drive to my house to babysit Eddie while I had booster treatment #3 this morning. I had lunch plans, but canceled them (my lunch date was another mom of a student in Eddie's class). My lunch date completely understood. Eddie just wanted to lay down, doze, sleep, and/or "purr" up with me. (We pretend sometimes that we are kitty cats.)

Poor guy. I always feel so bad for Eddie when he's not feeling well. As soon as I got home (I walked up and back to the cancer center) and after mom and dad left, Eddie and I just hung out in my bedroom all day. I was pretty tired and almost dozed off a few times. When he napped, I'd try to do little things around the house - laundry, dishes, balancing my checkbook (which didn't balance! The bank says I have $100 more than I think I do! A nice error to have, I suppose, but I just bet there's something somewhere that hasn't cleared!) I also developed some more signs and gathered various prizes for Eddie's birthday games. I have most all finished, except Golden Road. I still need to make some big signs for the games. I think I have it organized, but add in 8-year-olds and adults who aren't quite sure how to play the games and we're sure to have moments of chaos, but that's all part of the fun, huh?

(Sheesh, that's a run-on sentence! Shame on this professor! But it's stream of consciousness and I'm going to leave it.)

Now, I'm watering the lawn. Then, reading/watching TV, and calling it a night! I'm bushed. Glad I don't really have to travel for several weeks! I told the doctor that I'd been pushing myself past my limits and his reply today was that it's good that I'm keeping as active as I am - better than being a couch potato! Wish me a good solid 7-8 hours sleep tonight, okay? I really really need it.

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