Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A busy week

Well, sorry to have been off the blog for so long . . . I've been too busy, which is a good thing! So, I guess, generally speaking, if I don't have a lot of entries it's because I'm out living life.

From Tues to Fri last week, my family and I were staying in a house near Chinook Winds Casino in LIncoln City. While temps were in the high 80s or low 90s, it was a nice comfy 65 to 70 at the coast - even needed jackets. We had good weather most of the time, although it was windy. Here's a picture of the "sand people" that my sister took - all the kids wanted to be buried in the sand. (Blogger is having technical difficulties - will upload it when I can get a chance.)

Then, I dropped some things off at a garage sale at a friend's house - they held it from Sat to Sun - and ended up earning $35. Not too shabby.

I spent Sat afternoon and evening and Sunday morning in Portland, visiting Scott. We had a nice, relaxing, fun time.

Softball on Sunday, where Deechiro went 2-for-3 with 5 RBIs for the losing team (see entry "Deechiro Made the Paper").

Monday, which happened to be my 44th birthday, I took my son for his annual check-up at Shriner's Hospital. The doctor has no concerns about his feet or his floppy ankles. However, they do want to refer him for a Marfan Syndrome evaluation . . . more on that later.

So, taking a breather . . . getting caught up on emails at work. Whew! Things are good, in other words. I'm enjoying myself even with this radiation burn!

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jeanne said...

A belated but sincere HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (And that photo -- be-yoo-tee-ful.) You know, ever since I turned 40, I've celebrated my birthdays for at LEAST the whole summer, and sometimes the entire year. It's my way of making up for those years where I couldn't bring cupcakes to school like the kids who had b-days during the school year! I highly recommend at least the Summer of '43. (We ARE the same age, btw) nyc jeanne