Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eddie's Big Wheel

Finally!! I was able to get around to continuing the paint job on Eddie's Big Wheel. All I need to do is to paint white wedges on the sides and maybe do a few touchups. I really want to give a big Thanks! to my friend, Brenda, who spent a couple of hours helping me out! (Brenda, I betcha didn't know that my paying for dinner was a bribe! LOL)

It's coming along quite nicely, even if we do say so ourselves! I will post a picture as soon as blogger lets me.

Eddie's party is on Saturday evening at 6pm. We are calling it, "Eddie's Price Is Right Birthday Game Show". He wants to play Plinko, the Grocery Game, the Race Game, Lucky 7, Golden Road, and then the Showcase Showdown. My brother-in-law, Henk, made Plinko and the Big Wheel (another huge thanks to Henk!). I've been collecting prizes and starting to make signs and such for the games. My folks are going to help me clean the house and get set up. Of course, each child will win a prize. Everyone will get to play the games.

I'm sure it's going to be fun!

So, thank you Brenda, Henk, and Scott (who helped me paint the Plinko board)! Eddie will much appreciate it, I'm sure!


Carver said...

I hope Eddie has a wonderful birthday. Sounds like the perfect party for him and I'm sure the children will all enjoy it.

jeanne said...

That is just plain COOL. Or rather extraordinarily COOL! I have friends who converted their (then-) 3 year old's ordinary wooden high chair into a rocket by attaching an old cell phone to one arm, a broken TV remote to the other, and doing other cool things to it with "found" objects. Makes me wish I could squeeze into it myself. The Big Wheel is COOL. nyc jeanne

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
I hope the kids all enjoy it! I think it'll be a challenge to keep their attention on their friends as each of them plays one of the Pricing Games. I think I have that covered . . . but time will tell!

And, Jeanne, I'm glad you like the Big Wheel. My brother-in-law did a great job constructing it and I'm having fun painting it. The other great thing is that Eddie has both the Plinko and the Big Wheel to play with now and afterwards. He spins the Big Wheel a few times a day - your friend's wooden high chair sounds like a great project!

Thank you both for visiting!