Thursday, April 21, 2011

YAY! Real clothes!

The last two days, I've actually worn real clothes.

That's right, I'm wearing jeans and button down shirts! I felt so much more normal. No tubes sticking out of me.

Also, there's no odor in the wound. My body is winning the battle against the bacteria in the wound. My wound care nurse, L., said yesterday that she was impressed with how well my body and immune system was working to fight the bacteria. I said, "But other people are like that, too, right?" and she said, "No, actually, you are in the top 10% in terms of how well your immune system is working. Most people wouldn't be doing so well." She also said that it's due to how well I take care of myself. I added that I think acupuncture has helped my immune system.

As I mentioned before, I think turmeric is really helping the wound. L. also started using collagen on the wound to help my body build tissue.

I was able to go to two appointments yesterday and a friend came to visit. I rested between appointments and before my friend came. That helped.

Today, I'm going to my overload class - it's a 1-credit honors student colloquium that I'm co-teaching with my colleague. He's taken the class the last two weeks and has a good handle on directing the students. I just have to show up today to give my two cents on the readings. They are readings that I have taught before, on traditional ecological knowledge. I don't expect it to take much energy from me. Instead, I expect to gain a bit of energy. My colleague says the students are interested in the subject and are bringing up some interesting insights. My colleague has also really enjoyed the readings I picked, so I'm pleased. It's only 50 min then I plan to come home and rest.

I will still miss my other 2-hour class, though. My other colleague has taken over there - she made some decisions for me since I couldn't even think that far ahead that will or have already helped. I don't think I can handle two hours yet.

I have two other appointments later this afternoon, but will have several hours to rest between times. Which is good because I think I only got about 7 hours sleep last night.

So, more baby steps into the land of the living. Thank you, colleagues! And, thank you to everyone out there for your continued support!

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kgonser said...

It's nice to hear that people are helping you. There are so many of us who can't really do a lot to help, since we're not nearby. So it's an encouragement to use that people nearby are helping you! Know that we all, whether near or far, care about you and are for you! - Kelly