Monday, April 4, 2011

I am okay, just uncomfortable

I am now 2.5 days post surgery. Slept most of Friday and into Sat. But got restless on Sunday. Couldn't get comfortable and was bored. The thing is that it isn't painful. It just feels heavy. I also starring decreasing the dilaudid by yesterday - maybe No more than 10 doses in24 hours. I heard dilaudid can mMs you nauseous, so I want to get off omit.

So I was give Tylenol with codeine. I hope to switch to extra strength Tylenol, although I think the stuff with codeine helps me sleep. I slept a lot through the evening and night.

Anyway, pulled out my iPad this am because of boredom. I won't go home until Wed or later since they want the wound vacuum pump to cone off first.

Trying to focus on how I am improving everyday. Accept this as all part of the process.


Dee said...

P.s. I know his is TMI, but I just had a BM. So definitely on the mend!

Joanna said...

O.K., I was officially worried about you. So glad you are on the mend.

Cynthia said...

Yay for BMs!! That is fantastic. Keep mending, Dee!

flynnster said...

I thought about you all Friday! So happy to hear that you're on the mend, that you feel well enough to poo, and most importantly, that you feel well enough to write about it. :-)


Vicki said...

Vicki said ..I am so glad to hear that you are on the mend.Your dad is doing a wonderful job with the could do not do anything than be getting better wirh so many people sending you good thoghts and prayers

Kiwi Monster said...

We always used to say we could tell whether our puppy was healthy because food was going in and poop was coming out!

I hope you get to go home soon. I'll try to find something really funny to send you here in a bit...

Kiwi Monster said...

Okay, these are dumb, but I really like the one about the statistician trying to get an adequate sample size.

Also, Alexandra provides the following joke for your entertainment:
Q: Do you know who can jump higher than the highest mountain?
A: Anyone can, because mountains can't jump!


mapdr said...

Phew, glad to hear from you. We were waiting to hear of your successful recovery. Am glad you can poop on Tylenol with Codine. It usually stops me up.

Sorry to hear you are bored. Think of it as a retreat for yourself. At least you have the iPad and can play and read stuff.