Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Baby Steps

Over the weekend, I had less and less drainage from the wound. The JP drain was only collecting about 20 ml of fluid in 24 hours. So, I saw the surgeon yesterday, who pulled the drain out. So, now, finally, no more tubes coming out of me.

There's also less drainage coming from the wound. L., my wound care nurse, was able to debride most of the dead tissue from the wound. So, now I have less dressings. There is also hardly any odor (yay!) and less leakage onto my clothes. I was able to wear a shirt (a pj top, really) for 24 hours without anything getting on it. A record!

I started taking my Chinese herbs, turmeric, and Vitamin D3 over the weekend. I can't prove it, but I swear the turmeric is helping the wound heal!

I feel I can lift my left arm higher, too.

I still have a low grade fever (up to 100 once yesterday) off and on.

But I still tire easily and need to lay down after activity (like after an hour with the wound care nurse). Also, my left calf became achey Sunday evening and it only feels better after I put heat on it. (My sis said, "oh, no, maybe it's deep vein thrombosis!" which made me worry. I don't think I have many of the risk factors, other than laying down a lot and having a long surgery. My leg isn't swollen or red, though, so I don't think I have it.)

My colleague offered to take my class this week. When she came over to visit (thanks for the cornbread, N.!), I was still emotional about things. I'm not quite ready to face students. I get uncomfortable sitting at an upright chair.

But there are improvements. I might even try to wear real clothes today. Or at least, real pants.


Joanna said...

Slowly but surely, you are getting well. I am so impressed with your progress and by your spirit which in my opinion is exceptional.

j said...

I would cover a class for you if I could. Can you ask your colleague to ask your colleagues if they can cover a class/show a documentary or something for the next few weeks? I just want you to rest, rest, rest and heal, heal, heal. When you wrote about "face your students" i got an empathetic lump in my throat. Sending you a hand squeeze, sister.

Dee said...

@Joanna, you are too kind. Also, you only get to see what I present to the world - at home, I'm not quite such a sunny personality! : )

@Jeanne, as I said on fb, you are too sweet to want to offer to take my class. I am trying to rest and lay down when I'm tired.