Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Continued improvement

The docs are saying I am progressing well. The wound vac comes off today and I will be discharged tomorrow. I think I will have a dressing over the skin graft for another week.

I was disconnected from the IV pole yesterday but this morning, I had to be reconnected for a few hours. Ey are giving me potassium.

My appetite is back. I have had grapes, crackers, raisin bran, mixed fruit, jello, pear and apple sauce. I think I will order a turkey sandwich.

The swelling is going down in my left hand, but still swollen in my forearm.

I found the lower threshold for pain yesterday - I only had Tylenol yesterday, but by evening, had to take Tylenol with codeine. Now I am mixing dilaudid with reg. Tylenol. The discomfort is okay now.

Each day is better. That is what I try to remember!

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Carver said...

I'm so glad your recovery is going well. You are in my thoughts.