Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank You Time

People have been so kind to me and my family after surgery. I have been the recipient of gifts and my family and I have received meals and other food.

First, I want to thank my colleagues for taking over my class the last few weeks: Bryan, Nancy, Joan, Missy, and Leah.

Second, I want to thank Melissa (a mom in my son's class) who made us a pasta meal and salad and dessert, Rebecka who made a pot pie enough for 2-3 meals, Jyl who made my family hamburger soup while I was in the hospital, Joan who brought over chili and salad, Nancy who brought over cornbread, and Elaine who made us cinnamon rolls.

Third, I want to thank Kai, Phyllis, Beth, and Karen and Brenda for giving me gift certificates for a mani/pedi, for a meal out, and to purchase whatever fun thing for myself.

Finally, I want to thank Alex, who offered to give me a ride this morning (still not released to drive while I'm on Dilaudid - but also because I don't quite have the freedom of motion in my left arm). Plus my folks for taking care of me - my dad for giving me rides to all my many appointments, for my dad and brother for picking up or dropping Eddie off at school, for dad and brother for running to BK for sausage-egg biscuits (I crave protein), for bringing me potato chips (another craving - I think I'm trying to build up my potassium reserves), and for cooking and cleaning around the house.

Thanks again to everyone who continue to keep me in their thoughts, prayers, etc. Everyone who sends me blessings and good energy. I appreciate it all.

It's sunny today. There is much to be thankful for, right?


Alex said...

My pleasure Dee :-)

Arthur said...

i love your blod deanna! hugs,