Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend News

So, the holiday weekend was quite productive. As I mentioned, I went shopping on Black Friday; I enjoyed spending time with a friend of mine, B., that day. That night, I went to the Holiday Parade downtown and I got to see my son in the Corvallis Trolley and another friend was driving one of the Pepsi floats.

On Saturday, I just putzed around the house. I ran errands with Eddie, then consulted on holiday decorations, decluttered Eddie's room, filed and shredded papers in my own room and did laundry. My niece and nephew came over for the day and were research subjects for Eddie's Science Fair project. It's called "Game On" and is basically an experiment to try to figure out what the best position a gamer needs to take to get the fastest times in Marion Kart Double Dash. He's comparing standing with sitting on a ball with sitting on a stool with laying down. I also helped my niece create her beaded necklace and started one of my own.

On Sunday, I ran errands with Eddie and then worked on the King Island Place Names website, then on this grant proposal. I spent most of the day at the kitchen table on the computer and writing.

So, all in all, a good weekend. Normal activities. Some house work, some work work, some fun.

Kinda nice to hear, isn't it? Not too shabby for a person with metastatic cancer! : ) I love my life!

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