Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Normal And Beautiful Day

I was at work for over seven hours today. That's the most I've been there in a long long time. I got in about 9am, was supposed to meet with a student, but he didn't show, then prepared for class, had class (shared some dry fish from Unalakleet), then was on a teleconference call until almost 3:45.

Then a former student came in to the office to visit. She was only in one of my class in Spring 2009, but I guess she wanted to see how things were going. Turns out that last fall, she found out she had thyroid cancer and had surgery. Her hormones are a little wonky now, but she felt like they were working to get it under control.

After I got home, Eddie and I walked around the block because it was sooo beautiful here today. It was at least 70, sunny, with blue skies. He doesn't have school this whole week, so that's why I was able to stay at work longer. I wanted to walk with him so we can chat and get caught up. We both got some fresh air. I needed it because I was a little snippy. I was feeling a little pressure from work . . . still trying to get caught up with paperwork as well as a grant proposal. Sigh.

Then, after a quick bite at home (thanks to dad for cooking), I met some friends at a local brew pub. It was mostly members of the old co-ed softball team from (gulp) 19 years ago! But for some reason, one of the newer members of the team bought my lunch - thanks, J!

I got home at 8:30, after stopping at Blockbuster to rent Charlie and the Chocolate FActory for Eddie. Also found one of those 3 for $20 deals and got Letters to Juliet (for me), Percy Jackson (for Eddie), and The Invasion (for my brother).

All in all, other than about an hour and a half at home, I was on the go for nearly 12 hours. I am tired, but I don't think I overdid it. It just feels nice to have had a "normal" day!!

Tomorrow, I get a pedicure and then it's time for Abraxane. I hope to get some of that paperwork completed!!

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