Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Visit with the Surgeon aka Wait and See

I saw both the wound care nurse and the surgeon today and the consensus is that the armpit looks great and appears to be healing as the cancer is dying. So much so that the surgeon wants to wait and see what Dr. K (my oncologist) says when I see him in two weeks.

Last week, after my visit with the wound care nurse, I began to suspect that I might not need plastic surgery at all. I ended up going back to my blog to see what Dr. D from UW said. In my blog post (), she said that once the chemo has killed the cancer in the area, it would probably heal within about six weeks.

So, we're waiting to see what happens. Which means, for now, no surgery in December because if it were going to happen, we'd need to start planning it now rather than later. This delays surgery until after the New Year . . . and at this point, because I'm heading to Hawaii for a workshop for work in early February, I'd probably even wait until after that to do anything.

And, you know, that's fine with me. Because if I do have surgery again, I'd rather it be to fix my lopsidedness and to trim the "dog ears" at my waist. And, I'm happy to allow the t-cells (Herminator cells) and Abraxane to keep doing their thing. : )


Joanna said...

You are a miracle! I think in six weeks you will be all healed up.

Dee said...

I hope so, Joanna! It may take longer as there is still cancer in the skin. But, yes, it's a great sign!