Monday, November 8, 2010

Celebrating Life

Even though I caught a head cold over the weekend, I was still about to celebrate.

First, on Friday, my family and I went to Riverview Mongolian Grill. My whole immediate family (parents, siblings, Eddie) and my sister's family attended. It was great to see everyone - and we started planning Thanksgiving dinner. Eddie had a friend over for a sleepover, so he had fun afterwards, too.

Second, my parents, Scotty (my younger brother), and Eddie and I went to the coast on Saturday. We stopped in Depoe Bay, first, to go somewhere different to eat for lunch (we went to the Chowder Bowl, which was about like Mo's, where the piece of bread they served with the meal was huge!) and also because it was high tide and there were a couple of spots where the waves were crashing up higher than street level. That's always so cool to see! We watched the spouting horns for a bit and then looked in some of the shops. Then, it was on to Lincoln City, where Eddie played at the Children's Arcade (thanks, dad, for taking him) and mom, Scotty, and I played the slots. Then, on our drive back south, we stopped at a used bookstore and then at Wal-Mart for cheap snacks (also looking for cheap pants for Eddie and for Scotty). Then, we got home about 6:30 or so in the evening. So, a long day, but a fun one! Sorry to report, though, that I didn't win at the casino . . .

Sunday was a lazy day, for the most part, but I did go to K-Mart's Friends and FAmily Day for discounts on clothing and other things. Found a Christmas present or two. We also bought plastic to put on the windows in an effort to keep out the cold and keep in the warmth. It was nice, though, just to hang about home. Got boring things done like paying bills.

If it wasn't for the damn head cold, I'd be dancing in the streets! That is, when Eddie wasn't around as he doesn't like to see me dance! LOL

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