Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Glorious Oregon Coast

I got back yesterday from a 5-day trip to the Oregon Coast. We had great weather (well, a bit of rain and then fog one day), but other than that, sunny blue skies, temps about 70 and sometimes it was windy.

It was 5 days of huge swells; big waves; splashes; crashing waves like a jet engine; walks on the beach; foam feet; seaweed; reading in the crow's nest; eating; antique shops; some gambling luck; good company; slot cars; mini-golf; Yaquina Head lighthouse; hiking up Yaquina Head; Boiler Bay; Devil's Punchbowl; star fish; Eddie as King of the Seaweed; Mo's; arcade; outlet stores; barking sea lions; sunsets; moonsets; soaking in the hot tub; watching movies; and beautiful beautiful scenery.

First, here's the house we stayed in:

Pelican's Perch at Bella Beach (part way between Depoe Bay and Lincoln City)

I should say that on the day we drove down there, I bought an Oregon lottery scratch-it ticket. And, we won $100! That paid for our groceries for a few days.

Then, on Tuesday, I took Eddie to the children's arcade at the child care center at Chinook Winds Casino. Mom took care of him and I went to the non-smoking casino and put $20 into a 1 cent slot machine - and 30 minutes walked out of there with $60 - a $40 profit.

Of course, I got the bug and went back the next day and went to the same machine. I only won $3. But, I guess that's better than losing, huh? Yay!

Now, here are some photos.

Here's my dad and Eddie getting caught in the surf - a wave splashed them when they weren't looking!

Eddie's enjoying his walk on the beach. He really enjoyed the waves and, for some reason this trip, he enjoyed playing with seaweed.

The day this picture was taken, it was windy.

The waves and surf were really rough and wild, so rough that it created foam, hence causing "foam feet". Here are Scott's foam feet.

Eddie had foam feet, too, although by the time I snapped this photo, the foam dissipated.

Awww, aren't we cute? You can see the water droplets in my hair.

Mom, Eddie, and I took an almost two-hour walk on the beach - we walked clear to the southern end of the beach our house was located on. It took us longer to walk down, because we played with seaweed. I think it took us about 45 min to get back to the house. Eddie and mom are showing us how long the seaweed is.

Eddie decided to collect seaweed - you should've seen how valiantly and patiently he kept picking up the seaweed to put into his hand, but it kept falling off. At one point, he looked like he was carrying a little seaweed Christmas tree.

One night, we could see the crescent moon just over the horizon - it was a "moon set"!

And, the next night, I snapped this picture of the sunset - the sun is reflecting off the water, all the way to the beach. Very cool, eh?

I still need to download more photos - and I still need to post photos from my Oxford trip. I guess I've been too busy doing things in real life that my blog has suffered somewhat. But that's okay, isn't it? : )

Thanks to the powers that be for this wonderful coast . . . and thanks to my family for joining me!


Carver said...

That looks like a wonderful vacation. Loved the family shots and also the house you stayed in looks perfect.

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
It was a great time! The weather cooperated so it was easy to get fun family pics! Hope you're doing well!