Monday, August 3, 2009

First tumor marker result back

I just called to get my CEA results. It was 4.2 this month. Anything 3.8 and under is considered normal. So, I'm just over normal now.

It went up by 0.5 this month. The month before, it went up by 0.7; the month before, it went up 1.1. So, it's still going up, but more slowly. I've only been taking Xeloda (1000mg or two pills once/day) and Tykerb (a full dose) for four weeks. Sooo . . . maybe it's working and the nurse thought it might take some more time for it to do the work it needs to do.

I see Dr. K on Thursday. I should get the CA15-3 results on Wednesday. At this point, I think we'll just stay the course, but Dr. K might have other ideas.

Here's the history:

1/2008 - 1.2 ng/mL
3/2008 - 0.9 ng/mL
6/2008 - 1.0 ng/mL
8/2008 - 1.1 ng/mL (need to double check this number, but it was in that 0.9 to 1.2 range)
9/2008 - 0.5 ng/mL
10/2008 - 0.9 ng/mL
10/31/2008 - 1.2 ng/mL
11/28/2008 - 1.2 ng/mL
12/30/2008 - 1.1 ng/mL
3/2/2009 - 1.4 ng/mL
4/8/2009 - 1.6 ng/mL
5/5/2009 - 1.9 ng/mL
6/4/2009 - 3.0 ng/mL
7/2/2009 - 3.7 ng/mL
8/3/2009 - 4.2 ng/mL

As I look at the numbers, I see one gap in January 2009 (I recorded the CA15-3, but not the CEA) and I had surgery in February so there's another gap. But it went up 0.3 from December 2008 to March 2009, then up 0.2, then 0.3, then 1.1, then 0.7, then 0.5. Let's hope that it keeps slowing down and then reversing so that it's below 2.5 again.

The nurse said that she's seen patients with CEA numbers over 100. So, I guess, in the overall scheme of things, I'm doing okay. Not great. But okay.

The fatigue is bothering me, though. I had a busy week-end - Eddie's birthday party on Sat and three hours of softball in the hot sun yesterday. I ran a few errands today and have felt too tired to do something fun with Eddie. That makes me feel bad . . .

Well, it is what it is. Eddie will be fine, so I just need to let go of the guilt, huh? Yep. Easier said than done! : )


Liz Kreger said...

Guilt is over rated, Dee. Moms are entitled to a tired day 'pon occasion. I certainly have enough of them and Erin is very understanding.

I'm impressed that you keep such care track of your markers. I certainly don't. LOL. I count on Dr. D to do that. It does sound like its slowly growing, but time will tell.

Dee said...

Hi Liz,
I guess I'm a little anal that way . . . helps me to monitor where things are at. Yes, they seem to be slowly growing, but maybe now that I'm back on the drugs, it'll slow down and I can beat it back again. We'll see!

And, yes, the kiddo will survive, eh? He is understanding.

Carver said...

I agree with Liz that Moms are entitled to tired days. I'll keep sending good vibes your way for the tumor marker numbers to go down!