Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Merry Ol' England

I'm here! I'm here! I made it safely and with no incident. I had good instructions from my host, about how to catch a bus from Heathrow to Oxford and while I'd forgotten to find the bus station in Oxford on the map, I managed to get an internet connection in Amsterdam and figured out where I needed to go. I tried to pack light - I only carried on my luggage.

I need to find my colleague, Tom. We didn't make any real arrangements other than a vague "we'll meet up on the 11th". I don't know how to get hold of him other than through email.

I'm staying in a dorm room and it has NO clock and NO internet and NO phone. Gadzooks! So, I think I may try to find a temporary phone to use while I'm here. I'm at a cafe - having a quinoa salad - that has free wifi. So, I'm not completely unplugged. : ) I also need to find an adaptor for the electrical outlet . . . brought the one for mainland Europe not the British one. Grrr!

Later this evening, I will go to the Eagle and Child Pub and will try to take pictures and post them.

It's cloudy and muggy here . . .

Anyway, I will update everyone on how I'm doing as I'm able!


Beth said...

we stayed in mexico once in a room with no clock (and we hadn't brought watches or cell phones) - it is crazy not knowing what time it is!! have a wonderful time there!!

Daria said...

Nice to know your safe and sound.

How exciting to be traveling ... England no less.