Sunday, March 8, 2009

A New Style of Scarf

The secretary of my department, Loretta, forwarded this picture to me early last week:

The caption was: "Try the latest scarf fashion and you will be the center of attention!"

Isn't it great? I wish I could find out more about this - if anyone knows, please let me know!

I had a good week-end. I wasn't as productive as I would've wished, but I felt pretty tired all day yesterday, so I guess I did what I needed to do, which was rest.

Yesterday evening, though, I did go to my department's fundraiser called "Empty Bowls".
The fundraiser is put on by the Nutritional Anthropology class, taught by my colleague, Melissa Cheyney. The students are responsible for a service-learning project, which includes this event. Empty Bowls raises money for food insecurity programs - this year, it was World of Good (out of Junction City, OR) that raises funds for impoverished people in Ethiopia, and also the OSU Emergency Food Pantry. They served homemade soup, had several varieties of bread and desserts. They had a Silent Auction and I'm proud to say that I engaged in a bit of a bidding war in order to obtain the gift certificate for 12 entries for a personal chef! Regular readers of my blog know that I do not like to cook, so I really really appreciate home-cooked foods. I outbid others for the gift certificate - it was $75. That comes out to a little more than $6/entree and if I remember correctly, each entree may serve 2 people. So, I think I got a deal out of it! Scott attended with me.

Played cards with my card-playing buddies last night afterwards.

Friday night, I went to dinner with Allison, another of my colleagues on campus.

Today, my dad and brother painted my bedroom. Scott helped me pick out the paint color a few weeks ago - I decided to go with a Rose Wine. I was going for a maroon-kind-of-color, but it ends up having a bit of pinkish hue to it. I really like it. I may do some sponging over two of the walls, for variety and to lighten it up some, but generally, I think the room feels warmer. Anyway, I'm happy. I didn't realize how dingy white the walls were until we started cleaning and painting in there. Yikes!

Well, now I better get to grading some papers. Sigh!


Carver said...

That's an hilarious photo.

Sounds like you are getting a lot done. Take care of yourself.

My good news is I just got the call and my scan didn't show anything of concern, wooohooo!

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
Don't ya love those scarves?

I'm so glad that your scans were clean! Happy 4th anniversary! Congratulations!

Cebuanong Hilaw said...

For sure i will not recommend this to my wife. This is something that i do not want to see. Its always better to be natural.


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